Our Tiaki promise

Our Tiaki promise -To care for the People & The Place

KAUPAPA – A set of values, principles and a plan which people have agreed on as a foundation for their actions

KAITIAKITANGA – The relationship between everything and everybody in the natural world – there is no distinction between people & their environment

Aotearoa is a special place, the people who live and travel on her land have a duty of care to protect our environment, nurture & care for our people, respect our culture and our land.

We ask that you help us with our Tiaki Promise.



We believe in protecting the beautiful environment at Jackson’s and want to ensure that future generations can visit and enjoy an improved environment to what you are seeing and enjoying today.

We have developed our environmental plan to help protect a piece of New Zealand’s unique environment, and we welcome your support in this initiative during your visit.

Many of our efforts you will not see but we hope there are some you will notice.

How can YOU Help Us?

We invite our guests to help protect the New Zealand environment when you stay at Jackson’s Retreat Alpine Holiday Park

  • Please use rubbish bins & ashtrays provided
  • Please place your rubbish in the BIG bin in the main Parking Area, please refer to your camp map.  Using this bin rather than the ones in the Kitchen reduces use of extra plastic bags – small initiative but very rewarding for the environment. Your waste is then sorted in Greymouth for Re-cycling.

Did you know that our biggest waste is single use plastic water bottles!

  • When walking the Ngarimu Track, please leave only your footprints and you’ll leave with many beautiful Rainforest memories
  • Please ask at the office for Native seeds to spread throughout the Ngarimu Rainforest Walking Track, this helps rejuvenate the lower forest floor which in turn feeds native birds, insects and wildlife, – striving for continued Native plantings is reducing our carbon emissions.
  • We are constantly seeking ways to improve our efforts, and welcome your feedback and/or suggestions. Suggestion box for this is on the bookshelf at the far end of the guest lounge.

Prior to 2005 this property was part of a large farming block used for fattening Cattle.

Currently over 8,500 native plants have been planted and we are continually adding to this initiative.

Jacksons Retreat has been created with integrity and respect for the land and Her natural resources. With the environmental initiatives and maintenance programmes we have in place this Park will always be improving for future generations, we hope to see you on your next NZ visit.

Our buildings are purpose-built using “for life” materials, recycled woods and sustainable materials, impacting less on the environment.

Our Park signage are re-cycled Railway Sleepers, Art & Garden Furniture are re-cycled farming equipment made locally and where possible we believe everything has a second life.

The Park has a unique fresh water supply system, hundred of metres up the mountain range, water is piped down, filtered and stored for distribution throughout the park.

Water from every tap in the park is potable and tastes great, this system has Health Department approval….ENJOY!!

  • Fresh drinking water, all tap water to the Park is the best Alpine drinking water you could get for free, please refill your bottles. Why buy more when you can get it for free and help to save the environment WIN WIN! Taps are on all powered sites, various camp sites and obviously in the kitchen and around the outside of the amenities building. Re-fill your small bottles, large bottles, bulk containers, motorhomes – it’s all free and the BEST!

We have built our own specially designed sewerage system using the latest technology, gravel, and planting native grasses on the site, ensuring that there  is  no  run-off from  our  property to  streams that feed the  Mighty Taramakau River running to the Tasman Sea.


We trap for both Possum, Stoats and Rats, reducing the number of predators in the area, helping to give our native flora and fauna a better chance of survival.

By loballing our Local Minister of Parliament,Tourism Industry Association and Holiday Parks Association, we were able to ensure that now and in the future there will be no 1080 poison drops in our direct area.

Jackson’s  Retreat  and   surrounding  native bush areas are now 1080 Poison Free.

Our Current & Future Environmental Practices

Below is a summary of some of the environmental practices that we at Jacksons Retreat continue to implement:

  • Using recycled timber in our office and the bathroom amenity blocks
  • Kitchen benches made with untreated timber from sustainable resources
  • Day-night sensor lighting throughout the entire park
  • Energy-efficient lightbulbs throughout the entire park
  • Solar-powered lights around unpowered areas of the park
  • Heat transfer pump from lounge log fire into bathrooms
  • Low-flush toilet options
  • Shower systems that use less water & are energy efficient with LPG
  • Toilet paper and hand towels made from recycled materials
  • Growing organic vegetables and buying organic where possible
  • Buying environmentally friendly biodegradable cleaning products or creating our own
  • Re-cycling office paper waste
  • Composting food and bathroom handtowel paper waste
  • Recycling all waste where possible within the Park’s grounds
  • Donating unwanted or unclaimed items to local charities
  • We buy our products and employ tradespeople from local sources, which supports our area and reduces the distance our goods and services travel to reach us.
  • We support our local and the wider communities.

We also pledge to apply the following environmentally responsible principles across all aspects of our business where possible:

  • Avoid polluting land, air and water
  • Avoid depleting natural, non-renewable resources
  • Avoid destroying habitats and places of historical and cultural significance


To commit to our business legal requirements, we comply with all relevant environmental legislation and with all other local council requirements.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Environmental Commitment Policy and again we Thank You for choosing Jackson’s Retreat Alpine Holiday Park and we hope that you are enjoying your stay.