Aquatic Life – pristine & crystal clear

Humphries Creek has friendly eels which you can feed and keep an eye out for the local adult Inanga.

The annual whitebait (inanga) migration was an important mahinga kai resource for Māori all around Aotearoa.
Adult Inanga were also taken during their downstream migration to the ocean when they were rich and full of eggs. Captured fish were either dried in the sun or on rocks. Preservation in this manner meant that the fish could be kept in an edible state for months.

River Fishing – on the Mighty Taramakau River @ Rocky Point for Rainbow & Brown Trout, Crooked Creek on the way to Moana.

Lake Fishing – Lake Brunner is the locals best kept secret for Brown Trout or catch the Lake Brunner Safari for guaranteed fishing fun.

Remember you will need a fishing license which is available on line