Glow worms

Glow Worm Dells – a fun night-time adventure! We have 4 sites to check out!

Did you know – the light from a glow worm comes from an organ which is the equivalent of a human kidney!

These little glowing wonders of nature can be seen along the creek banks where it is damp and mossy and protected from the breeze.

Along your journey there are many small dells that you will be able to see but only if your using your red light – be warned, use a white light you’ll miss out! RED light is a must for protecting the Glow Worms and for your night vision. Get your free red cellophane from the kitchen/lounge area – please re-cycle after your use for other guests.

Remember to turn off your torch – wait for your eyes to adjust and many many more lights will appear.

Site #1 For guest willing and able to walk the Ngariumu track in the dark, approx 10min from the Red gate, at the 2nd creek walk down to the creek bed – don’t cross it – turn around looking at the bank you just walked down you’ll be spellbound with the little lights. If you are more adventurous, walking up and down the creek bed you will be amazed with how many places are lit up and some nights you don’t even need a torch.

Site #2 Follow the path into the forest trees, within moments you will find several dells along the creek bank leading to a magnificent glowing natural wall.

Site #3 This site is a smaller site great for little ones that don’t want to be in the bush. The sign leads you across the grass to the bush and it’s literally 3 steps down to the creek edge, here you will need to crouch down and look up & down the steam.

Site #4 By day this site has a gorgeous little waterfall made by a fallen Rimu tree probably hundreds of year old………..but by night it is a magical spot for seeing natures little forest lights and again great for the little ones.


I wish I was a Glow-Worm, a glow worm’s never glum, ’cause its hard to be unhappy, when a light shines out ya bum!